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Welcome to Kudo

Kudo is building an ecosystem of DeFi and web 3.0 products like Unomi and Bitquity for mainstream crypto adoption.
Unomi is a decentralized scoring protocol that powers on-chain identity through the issuance of Passports. A decentralized identity protocol based on on-chain activity. With the adoption of pseudonymous public key addresses as identity proxy, it is becoming increasingly crucial for protocols to leverage on-chain history for an address to provide a better user experience. Unomi passport scores will provide protocols with an insightful view of their users, allowing them to make better decisions and reward good on-chain behaviour. Kudo brings a new primitive to Crypto, an identity data engine for user interactions, unlocking a myriad of new Metaverse and DeFi applications.
Unomi will allow users to batch wallets and sync their on-chain activity into a single interoperable Passport.
‌About Kudo Labs
‌Kudo Labs, the development company building the Kudo protocol, is backed by leading crypto investors, including Bixin Ventures, Gate.io Labs, AU21 Capital, Zokyo Ventures, Digital Strats and more.
‌This Whitepaper is a reader-friendly description of the multi-chain Kudo protocol built on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and Solana ecosystem.
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