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Identity passport for Metaverse

Citizens of the metaverse access various services like Banking from AAVE, Digital property via Decentraland, Bloktopia, attend various virtual events but due to the pseudo-anonymous nature of addresses, businesses lack a basic understanding of the users they are interacting with. A sea of user data is available scattered through many different islands of information. Unomi passport scores will provide protocols with an insightful view of their users, allowing them to make better decisions and reward good on-chain behaviour
We see the future of Metaverse Identity as made up of various proofs such as proof of talent, proof of credit and proof of knowledge. A direct monetization path for Metaverse citizens to associate value on their terms with various aspects of their data journeys through Metaverse life with different projects, individuals, social networks, companies, and institutions.
Your Metaverse Passport will give you access to varying special benefits listed below:-
Use Cases
• DeFi reputational monetization - creditworthiness (yield farming score, holder score, airdrop score, whale score, social score, etc.)
•Integration with Metaverse protocols for reduced trade fees while acquiring parcels of lands for citizens exhibiting loyalty.
• Passport holders with high scores will enjoy exclusive virtual venues in the metaverse with collaborations with our anchor partners.
• Undercollateralized lending based on on-chain creditworthiness.
Exclusive access to sales and launchpads based on Unomi scores.
Protocols can use Unomi scores to reward existing users or bring in users who exhibit loyalty to their ecosystem via rewards and exclusive opportunities.