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On-chain Identity for DeFi

Unomi scores are programmable identity legos for building user intelligent DeFi 2.0 protocols. Besides the credit scoring and hodler scoring, the use cases for programmable, evolving and composable on-chain identity based on wallet-based financial histories are infinite.
An on-chain analysis of an address's activities will generate an Unomi DeFi score. Users can use these on-chain NFT issued identities to get access to better ecosystem opportunities. Protocols integrated with Unomi can provide users with dynamic rates on the fly. DeFi score comprises credit, farming, governance and hodling history for an address or a group of addresses on multiple blockchains.
‌When calculating credit scores, what kind of on-chain data points are taken into account?
  • Borrow utilization on lending protocols
  • The user had taken a loan on leading DeFi protocols
  • Liquidation events.
  • Repayment history
  • Amounts owed and repaid
  • Collateral ratio
What kind of on-chain data points are considered when calculating the Farming, Hodler, Trader and Governance score?
  • User participated in leading farms and protocols.
  • User has staked tokens for a duration.
  • User votes, create proposals and is active in protocol governance.
  • Mercenary farming and short term token holding
  • User has held airdrop tokens for long term
  • User has kept exchange listing tokens for long term
  • Amount of on-chain transaction volume by a user (Whale and power users)